Use Artificial in a Sentence – How to use “Artificial” in a sentence


Use Artificial in a sentence. How to use the word Artificial in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Artificial. Sentence for Artificial.

Use Artificial in a Sentence - How to use "Artificial" in a sentence

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Examples of Artificial in a sentence

  1. The victim should be kept warm and if breathing stops, artificial respiration applied.
  2. Most houses will have an artificial Christmas tree.
  3. The danger that breathing may stop is particularly imminent and artificial respiration may be necessary.
  4. The victim must receive fresh air and artificial respiration if necessary.
  5. Artificial respiration may be required.
  6. Artificial respiration may be necessary and the doctor may give oxygen inhalations.
  7. Artificial respiration or oxygen may be necessary.
  8. Near this, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, was excavated a vast basin, not inferior to the artificial lake of Amenemha.
  9. At first I experienced a little inconvenience; but this soon disappeared, and at last the hours and half hours of our artificial division entirely superseded, in the school-room, the divisions of the clock face.
  10. The delineations, though they consist almost wholly of the forms of plants and animals, and of other natural and artificial objects, are not symbolical representations of ideas, but letters, representing sounds and words.
  11. It was of the length of five stades, and was supported by stone pillars, which stood at a distance of twelve feet from each other, and rested on an artificial foundation in the bed of the river.
  12. The oldest of the artificial tombs in Phoenicia are doubtless those which consist of cubical chambers with horizontal hewn roofs.
  13. We parents can spoil our children by confining them to the artificial things we enjoy in lieu of our own minds.
  14. “You mean that the survival of the fittest is checkmated,” remarked a young journalist travelling in the interest of a New York daily, “that civilization should practise artificial selection, as it were?”
  15. By artificial light he looked younger even than he had seemed in the afternoon; and this boyishness of aspect struck her as strangely pathetic.


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