Use Article in a Sentence, How to use “Article” in a sentence


Use Article in a sentence. How to use the word Article in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Article. Sentence for Article.

Use Article in a Sentence - How to use "Article" in a sentence

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Examples of Article in a sentence

  1. This article documents a current event.
  2. Accentuating the positive is an article of faith here.
  3. The article posits that most people scan email.
  4. The article revealed intimate details about his family life.
  5. Hope you people will be liking the article.
  6. For there can be no doubt that the Article has remained wanting in clearness bitter end.
  7. I thought the article was saying that it was boiling water underneath the road that melted it?
  8. If you are looking for easy but important ways to reduce environmental pollution, this article will inform you about it.
  9. The latest updates to this article may not reflect the most current information.
  10. As of this article, the post already has received over 56K upvotes and 23K comments, and has become one of the coolest online trivia archives out there!
  11. Please feel free to improve this article (updates without valid and reliable references will be removed) or discuss changes on the talk page.
  12. In this article we’ll talk about the advantage and disadvantage brought about when utilizing GoFundMe in fundraising.
  13. Today’s article will be stuffed of many New Year 2019 Wishes Friends & New Year Greetings for Friends.
  14. The article also states that “movement encourages you to spend less energy thinking about your body, good or bad, and simply concentrate on feeling comfortable in your own skin.
  15. This may be done by having a place of deposit for such articles as may be written, where any person may leave what he wishes to have read, nominating by a memorandum upon the article itself the reader.
  16. Besides, at first you will often need some little information or desire to ask for an article which you might obtain in a moment, but which you can not innocently ask for till the card is down, and this might keep you waiting an hour.


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