Use Arrest in a Sentence, How to use “Arrest” in a sentence


Use Arrest in a sentence. How to use the word Arrest in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Arrest. Sentence for Arrest.

Use Arrest in a Sentence - How to use "Arrest" in a sentence

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Definition of Arrest

  1. the action of seizing someone to take into custody.
  2. a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion.
  3. seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.
  4. stop or check (progress or a process).

Examples of Arrest in a sentence

  1. Officers were immediately sent to arrest Elizabeth.
  2. I was a little surprised by the news that the police intended to arrest him.
  3. And the Demomcrats leader remained under house arrest.
  4. Those who attempt to arrest Mark Loescher have their work cut out for them.
  5. Jurors could hear from some of the 20 doctors who treated Holmes after his arrest.
  6. A spokesman said the agency is investigating whether Gray’s civil rights were violated during the April 12 arrest.
  7. Pasco Sheriff’s Office Those who attempt to arrest Mark Loescher have their work cut out for them.
  8. After his daughter’s arrest, the 53-year-old man released a statement to the media, saying her act “can never be forgiven for any reason or cause.”
  9. In police work, false imprisonment occurs if a person is arrested for an act he could not reasonably have been thought to have committed, for an act that is not a crime, or when the arrest violated his constitutional rights.
  10. Indeed, the officers do not wish to arrest them until it is sure that the enemy is so completely overwhelmed that their rallying again is utterly impossible.
  11. They broke up all the bridges too, and obstructed the roads by every means in their power, so as to impede the progress of the Swedes as much as possible, since they could not wholly arrest it.
  12. As fast as the names were discovered of persons who were implicated in Alexis’s escape, or who were suspected of complicity in it, officers were dispatched to arrest them.


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