Use Arousing in a Sentence – How to use “Arousing” in a sentence


Use Arousing in a sentence. How to use the word Arousing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Arousing. Sentence for Arousing.

Use Arousing in a Sentence - How to use "Arousing" in a sentence


Examples of Arousing in a sentence

  1. This is both unsettling and arousing.
  2. How is this arousing.
  3. Sweet November, meanwhile, is enough to make anyone to yearn for an arousing end of month.
  4. He immediately seized his armor and rushed forth into the streets, arousing the inhabitants around him from their slumbers by his shouts, and calling upon them to arm themselves and follow him.
  5. He was a man of great powers of mind and of commanding eloquence; and he had exerted a vast influence in arousing the people of Scotland to a feeling of strong abhorrence of what they considered the abominations of popery.
  6. Many of his most powerful orations were made for the purpose of arousing his countrymen to resist his ambitious plans and to curtail his power.
  7. The enterprise was likely to become more hazardous still by arousing the jealousy of the Bulgars.
  8. Yet could I discern, through the midst of them all, Jesus, with a calm countenance, stooping over John and Peter and James, and arousing them from sleep.
  9. Arousing emoticons edit stream/bounce perception of objects moving past each other.
  10. Ban on viewing sexually arousing materials is part of treatment plan (access required).
  11. Results indicate that exposure to sexually arousing (vs. neutral or no) ads makes men more financially impatient than women.
  12. Arousing information is also retrieved or remembered more vividly and accurately.
  13. The relationship between negatively arousing pictorial stimuli and memory was investigated using a repeated testing paradigm.
  14. Why is making out while your hands wander arousing?
  15. The West Philly native also traveled extremely long distances to do so – sometimes as far as 200 miles – further arousing police suspicion.
  16. A sapiosexual is someone who finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.

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