Use Arouse in a Sentence – How to use “Arouse” in a sentence


Use Arouse in a sentence. How to use the word Arouse in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Arouse. Sentence for Arouse.

Use Arouse in a Sentence - How to use "Arouse" in a sentence


Examples of Arouse in a sentence

  1. The conspirators could not arouse him to action.
  2. Hard to arouse, hard to calm down.
  3. Do you want to know how to arouse a woman?
  4. It is understandable that US elections arouse exceptional global interest.
  5. Humanlike robot hands controlled by brain activity arouse illusion of ownership in operators.
  6. Discover the unexpected, off-the-wall things that can arouse your man.
  7. As an instructor, the most important thing is, I think, you have to do your best to arouse or ignite students’ interest in biochemistry learning.
  8. Odorants may arouse instinctive behaviours.
  9. The news of the death of Sargon, the mighty warrior, might arouse among all the nations which had felt the weight of his arms so heavily the hope of again shaking off the yoke.
  10. If the child were sleeping, I did not wish to arouse him, but all idea that he slept was banished as I pushed the door wider and heard him talking aloud to himself.
  11. Dogs big and small arouse kindness.
  12. He was idle and spiritless, and nothing could arouse him to make any exertion.
  13. Her plan was first to endeavor to arouse her husband from his lethargy, and to awaken in his mind something like a spirit of independence and a feeling of ambition.
  14. This defeat, instead of producing a discouraging and disheartening effect upon Margaret’s mind, only served to arouse her to new vigor and determination.
  15. Alfred went out to arouse and muster the men in his division of the encampment, and to prepare for battle.
  16. I have no idea why companies want to arouse the anger of future potential customers.
  17. Will but arouse thy generous flame, But work their woe and thy renown.

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