Use Arm in a Sentence, How to use “Arm” in a sentence


Use Arm in a sentence. How to use the word Arm in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Arm.

Use Arm in a Sentence - How to use "Arm" in a sentence


Definition of Arm

  1. each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand.
  2. a thing resembling an arm in form or function, in particular.
  3. a branch or division of a company or organization.
  4. each of the lines enclosing an angle.
  5. supply or provide with weapons.

Examples of Arm in a sentence

  1. An arm is a limb.
  2. Most humans have two arms each, coming out of their body just below the neck.
  3. The seven-arm octopus is claimed to be the largest octopus.
  4. The press today is clearly an arm of the state.
  5. Squid have many arms but only two tentacles.
  6. I’m trying to build muscles in my arm because i’m generally weak.
  7. Who can arm the most powerful weapon in the world?
  8. Most starfish have five arms, called rays that come out from a center circle.
  9. The Coat of arms of Azerbaijan mixes traditional and modern symbols.
  10. This happens sometimes when a person loses his arm. The person still feels like the arm is there.
  11. Clavicle connects the arm to the main part of the body.
  12. The black ribbon around his left arm is a sign of mourning over President Lincoln’s death.
  13. Many people got broken arms this way.
  14. Arm it! Get on the platform!
  15. Couch usually has a place to rest your arm on each side.
  16. Monkeys have long arms and legs to help them swing from trees.
  17. Swimming is the movement of the body through water using arms and legs.
  18. The Japanese spider crab has 8 legs and 2 arms used for feeding.
  19. He’s my right arm in many things.
  20. I woke up one morning and my left arm was paralyzed.
  21. I use my right arm more than my left arm.
  22. The Gulf of Alaska is an arm of the Pacific Ocean.
  23. He complained that his left arm was paralyzed and he was unable to move it.
  24. I always sleep with my arms under my head.
  25. My hamsters arm is damaged.
  26. Most people would like to have muscular arms.
  27. Take a moment to move your arm up and down at the elbow.
  28. Starfishs grow new arms, their arms can grow new bodies.
  29. Harvey’s arm was injured.
  30. She stands there with bangles all the way up her arm.
  31. He was wounded several times at the battle, and lost an arm.
  32. In a silk holster under his left arm he carried a 32-gauge automatic pistol.

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