Area in a Sentence

How to use the word Area in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Area.

Examples of Area in a sentence

1 – The surrounding area raises sugar beets and has coal, oil, and salt deposits.

2 – Its basin of nearly 1,100 square miles comprises most of the area of the productive South Cholla plain.

3 – The Bronx Zoo, in the North Bronx area, is one of the best in the world.

4 – Gradually form a bas in the Zigzag area.

5 – The Des Moines drains about a fourth of the land area of the state (Iowa).

6 – This town is also known as Devilkiller, which is the hoary name of this desolate area.

7 – The northern slopes and piedmont of the Caucasus fail within the Russian federated republic, reflecting the predominance of the Russians, who moved into this area starting in the 18th century.

8 – Many animals that live in snowy areas are white, like the polar bear.

9 – The BOH area is only accessible to duly accredited people.

10 – Countries north of the Guinea Coast area are likely to be more than 80 percent Muslim; Somalia is virtually 100 percent Muslim.

*** Some species exist in this small area of forest and nowhere else on Earth.

*** With the extension of the city of Wenzhou, the large suburban area is in great change, which brings with it a large number of unwanted rural labor forces.

*** US forces were clearing the surrounding area of mines.

*** It is clear that those who lead the world economy consider success in that area as a prerequisite for facing all other challenges.

*** Administer the ointment to the area burnt by the sun with a cotton swab.

*** Expose the grim lower area to the sentimental images captured by the famous city photographer Frank Sutcliffe.

*** It is an area rich in salmon fishing.

*** It has been a very important area in maritime transport since ancient times.

*** The boundaries of the area zigzag whimsically according to the whims of the local population.

*** Storms hit Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

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