Use Arctic in a Sentence, How to use “Arctic” in a sentence


Use Arctic in a sentence. How to use the word Arctic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Arctic. Sentence for Arctic.

Use Arctic in a Sentence


Examples of Arctic in a sentence

  1. The island has a harsh arctic climate.
  2. The republic is bounded on the north by the seas of the Arctic Ocean and on the east by seas of the Pacific Ocean.
  3. He has finally reached the Arctic.
  4. Like a blast from the Arctic the Christmas twilight swept in on her.
  5. What of that host of arctic finches that tarry with us until spring?
  6. The term “long tail” could be misleading for those seeking their “first” skuas, since the Arctic Skua in spring is also surprisingly long.
  7. In the arctic seas a ship is often warped through loose ice, or along narrow and crooked channels of open water, by means of posts set in the larger and more solid floes.
  8. Mr. George then explained to Rollo that they could warp a vessel among the ice in the arctic regions by fastening the line to posts set for the purpose in the great floes.
  9. From the Arctic Ocean to the South Seas, if you’ve seen all the things that you must have seen, if you’ve done all the things that you must have done–WHY SHOULD YOU LOOK SO BORED?
  10. From all over the world, smelling saltily of coral and palms, iceberg or arctic,–and only too often alas of their dead selves, these smooth-spikey-pink-blue-yellow-or-mottled shells arrive with maddening frequency.
  11. Flavored by moonlight, rattling with tropical palms, green as Arctic ice, wild as a loon’s hoot, science and lies slipped alike from Rollins’s lips with a facility that even I would scarcely have suspected him of!
  12. Such association does not bring the now arctic animals down to a recent date in this river valley, but places man in an indefinitely long ago.

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