Use Archbishop in a Sentence – How to use “Archbishop” in a sentence


Use Archbishop in a sentence. How to use the word Archbishop in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Archbishop. Sentence for Archbishop.

Use Archbishop in a Sentence - How to use "Archbishop" in a sentence

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Examples of Archbishop in a sentence

  1. He thus served as archbishop during the German occupation.
  2. He gave it to the archbishop.
  3. The archbishop placed it upon Mary’s finger, and pronounced the benediction in a loud voice.
  4. The archbishop‘s wife exerted herself very particularly to please the queen and to do her honor.
  5. He sent for an archbishop to come and see him, but he was speechless when the prelate came, and soon afterward expired.
  6. The ceremony was performed by Cranmer, the archbishop of Canterbury, which is the office of the highest dignitary of the English Church.
  7. At one time, in one of her royal progresses through the country, she was received, and very magnificently and hospitably entertained, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, at his palace.
  8. He had, however, some misgivings that his son might be really sick, and accordingly dispatched an archbishop to him with a ring, which he said he sent to him as a token of his forgiveness and of his paternal affection.
  9. The ring which the archbishop was sent to bring to him arrived just in time, and the prince pressed it to his lips, and blessed it with tears of frantic grief.
  10. Having taken this oath, the king removed his upper garment, and put golden sandals upon his feet, and then was anointed by the archbishop with the holy oil on his head, breast, and shoulders.
  11. As he went up, the archbishop adjured him in the name of the living God not to assume the crown unless he was fully resolved to keep the oaths that he had sworn.
  12. Richard again solemnly called God to witness that he would faithfully keep them, and then advancing to the altar, he took the crown and put it into the hands of the archbishop, who then placed it upon his head, and thus the coronation ceremony was completed.


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