Use Appreciate in a Sentence – How to use “Appreciate” in a sentence


Use Appreciate in a sentence. How to use the word Appreciate in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Appreciate. Sentence for Appreciate.

Use Appreciate in a Sentence - How to use "Appreciate" in a sentence

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Examples of Appreciate in a sentence

  1. We appreciate your patience as this process may take several hours to complete.
  2. I will make him appreciate me.
  3. She adds that she does not have the money right now to pursue a long legal battle and would appreciate some donations.
  4. And it is important that parents/teachers fully appreciate their wards’ situation and guide them accordingly.
  5. Law enforcement agencies such as police also need sensitization so that they will be able to appreciate the genuine concerns of LGBT people.
  6. “Charmed” took us for a rollercoaster ride and even rewatching it now to relive the moment would really make us appreciate it more.
  7. By observing how hard it is to change our own resentments to feelings of forgiveness and good will, we can the better appreciate Alfred’s treatment of Guthrum.
  8. Of course there is an endless variety of ways by which you can show your children that you notice and appreciate the efforts they make to do right.
  9. These men would never have either the intelligence to appreciate or the power to reward such services as the Guards were capable of rendering to the state; whereas he, their commander, and one of their own body, would be both able and disposed to do them ample justice.
  10. He was rapturously applauded, and was so delighted with the enthusiasm which his performance awakened, as to exclaim that the Greeks were, after all, the only people that really had a taste for music; none but they, he said, could understand or appreciate a good song.
  11. It is an excellent thing to have children see and appreciate the reasonableness of their parents’ commands, provided that this reasonableness is shown to them in such a way that they are not led to imagine that their being able to see it is in any sense a condition precedent of obedience.


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