Use Apply in a Sentence, How to use “Apply” in a sentence


Use Apply in a sentence. How to use the word Apply in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Apply. Sentence for Apply.

Definition of Apply

  • 1. make a formal request or request.
  • 2. be applicable or relevant.

Use Apply in a Sentence - How to use "Apply" in a sentence

Examples of Apply in a sentence

  1. During growth, apply fertilizer every 15 days.
  2. Who can not apply for the drawing ?
  3. Can anyone living in America apply for the DV visas ?
  4. How many times can I apply ?
  5. But if the applicant’s country of birth is not avaible for the application he/she can also apply the spouse’s country if it is available.
  6. Apply the finite element method and the programming subprogram to study the distributed regularities of the stress and tension of the dam.
  7. The citizens of the countries which has already sent 50 000 immigrants in the last 5 years can not apply for the drawing and INS informs these countries .
  8. Who can not apply for the drawing ?
  9. Can anyone living in America apply for the DV visas ?
  10. Modified and standardized so as to apply to winds on land as well as at sea, the Beaufort scale is now in worldwide use by meteorologists as a simple means of referring to wind velocity.
  11. They apply a very selective filtering of unwanted audio frequencies.
  12. The specific tariff is relatively easy to apply and administer, particularly to basic commodities and standardized commodities.
  13. If lump sum taxes are simple to apply and cheap to administer, the first course is the best.
  14. Alternate the direction of these strokes, imitating the address I use to apply the cake in the first place.
  15. Objective: to increase the pool water quality urea test, so it is best to apply acetyl diacetyl monoxime.
  16. To achieve this acceleration, you must apply a force much greater than the weight of your ann.
  17. They also want science and lifestyle programs that impart new knowledge that they can apply in life and work.
  18. It seems that a civil war had broken out in that city, and one of the leaders, knowing the character of Pyrrhus, and his readiness to engage in any quarrel which was offered to him, had concluded to apply for his aid.
  19. These more restricted meanings may not apply in all academic contexts, and Lyons (1968, 1977) defines antonym as gradable antonyms, and Crystal (2003) warns that antonym and antonym should be considered carefully.
  20. But when, on the other hand, he goes to his employment only to perform a certain regular round of daily toil, undertaking nothing and anticipating nothing but this dull and unchangeable routine, and when he looks upon his pupils merely as passive objects of his labors, whom he is to treat with simple indifference while they obey his commands, and to whom he is only to apply reproaches and punishment when they do wrong, such a teacher never can take pleasure in the school.


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