Use application in a sentence

Use application in a sentence. How to use the word application in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word application.

Definition of application

Examples of application in a sentence

*** Its application situation is also presented in the heat cutting blade, the plate and the indefinite nodular cooling roller.

*** The iterative regression test was executed in each iteration by executing the version of the previous iteration of the system test application in the current compilation for the current iteration.

*** I bet the application to lower the still to pack the goods.

*** This thesis is the application of surface intensification technology on the annular raceway of the small caliber gun turret.

*** The viability of its application in small caliber archibald fuzes was analyzed.

*** This article deals with the technique of formation of the flattened spherical powder and the feasibility of its application to the large-bore propellant charge with high charge density.

*** The document presents the application of the PLC in the medium frequency heat folder for large gauge pipes, and a design scheme of the main control sub-routine is provided.

*** Wright’s researches in genetics deal largely with mammals, and he was a pioneer in the United States in the application of mathematical and statistical treatment to problems of inheritance.

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