Use Appeal in a Sentence, How to use “Appeal” in a sentence


Use Appeal in a sentence. How to use the word Appeal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Appeal. Sentence for Appeal.

Use Appeal in a Sentence - How to use "Appeal" in a sentence

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Examples of Appeal in a sentence

  1. As a precautionary measure, Jarrett’s accountant filed a formal appeal.
  2. In the case supposed, the teacher concluded to appeal to emulation.
  3. Trump’s lawyer said last night that they would file an appeal against the sentence.
  4. The judge of the court of appeal annulled his sentence.
  5. The new film will ambush the unwary, appeal to the apprehensive and attract unwanted attention to the lacors.
  6. and Nigel’s whole idea of ??remarrying and reneging was the kind of novel situation that would appeal to Jacqui.
  7. His methods had an appeal among the rich, professional classes that made up the congregation.
  8. Circuit in Atlanta unanimously dismissed Uncle Lázaro González’s appeal for a lower court ruling earlier this year.
  9. Crocuses have special appeal to gardeners because many of them are among the first plants to bloom in spring.
  10. The decision of Delhi High Court in Naz Foundation Case was further challenged in appeal at the Supreme Court of India.
  11. Later on, a state High Court rejected The Wire’s plea opposing the gag order and advised the website portal company to appeal to the lower court which issued it.
  12. Instead of chasing for banks and other investors, an aspiring entrepreneur can now simply try to appeal directly to the potential customers and offer them rewards in exchange for their help with the campaign.
  13. However, it has always been popular, partly because of its warmth, gaiety, and appeal to the spirit of Yuletide charity, and, ironically, partly because of its defects—sentimentality and crude characterization.
  14. I am aware that there are, unfortunately, in our country a great many teachers from whose lips such an appeal as this would be wholly in vain.


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