Use Anywhere in a Sentence


Use Anywhere in a sentence. How to use the word Anywhere in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Anywhere.

Definition of Anywhere

1. in or to any place.

2. any place.

Examples of Anywhere in a sentence


*** They could be located anywhere in the Nile Valley, and peasants could even live outside villages on their own holdings.

***We slept in the park because we didn’t have anywhere to stay.

***As you will see from the enclosed photos, the cottage is charming but miles from anywhere.

***The station isn’t anywhere near here.

*** But impulses can start anywhere, with enough momentum.

***Have you seen my watch? I have looked all over the house but I can’t find it anywhere.

***There are many kinds of plants and animals here, many that don’t exist anywhere else on earth.

***I have a laptop and i want to use it anywhere.

***Quantum theory says a particle can be anywhere in the universe in the next instant.

***Tsunamis are more common around the edge of the Pacific than anywhere else

***Thunderstorms can happen anywhere with two conditions: the air near the Earth’s surface must be warm and moist, and the atmosphere must be unstable.

***Asian Latin Americans are also found anywhere in the Caribbean and other Latin American countries.

***I can’t find my keys anywhere.

***Pigeons can fly home from anywhere.

*** However, the buildings could be anywhere in the world and have no relation to the culture or traditions of China. These expensive international trophies are absurdly underutilized.

***People will travel anywhere to be with the one they love.

***Lichens can occur anywhere on land, and some can live in aquatic environments.

***I can’t breathe anywhere else.

***We didn’t go anywhere at the weekend.

***My heart aches because I know this relationship isn’t going to go anywhere but I still am with him.

***Earthquakes can occur anywhere, but they are more like to occur near any of the Plate Boundaries around the world.

***I don’t want to go anywhere.

***If you could go anywhere with anyone you like, where would you go?

***If you feel like you are not going anywhere it is only because your perspective is not in the right place.

***My daughter refuses to go anywhere or do anything with me.

***I wanted to play with my cat, but couldn’t find him anywhere.

***My mom never takes me anywhere

***Programming is a unique profession because a programmer can work from a computer anywhere in the world.

***Although they may add a slight mark-up to the ticket, the price you pay will be less than anywhere else you purchase the tickets.

***A blizzard is a heavy snow storm with high winds and can hit anywhere that it

***She is borrowing money off you because she can’t get it anywhere else.

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