Use Anxious in a Sentence, How to use “Anxious” in a sentence


Use Anxious in a sentence. How to use the word Anxious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Anxious. Sentence for Anxious.

Use Anxious in a Sentence - How to use "Anxious" in a sentence

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Examples of anxious in a sentence

  1. The children were all anxious to see their gifts.
  2. Everyone was anxious to hear what Comrade Khrushchev would say.
  3. The villagers were anxious about the news.
  4. “But I don’t think she feels anxious,” said Phonny.
  5. He is continually uneasy, dissatisfied, and filled with anxious cares, and sources of vexation and perplexity continually arise.
  6. He may, and in some cases does, feel _anxious concern_, and may regret the infatuation by which, in some unhappy case, a valuable life may be hazarded or destroyed.
  7. The religious reader may inquire why I am so anxious to restrain, rather than to urge on, the exercise of religious influence in schools.
  8. But Cyrus was obviously anxious to reconcile the Medes, next to the Persians, with the change in affairs, and win their aid.
  9. She appeared to be a little anxious at seeing so unusual a company of visitors at her lodgings, and at first thought it probable that they might have come to take some of her chickens away.
  10. “It would be better than to make Aunt Henry feel anxious,” said Stuyvesant.
  11. The snow descended in large flakes, and Rollo was delighted to see it; but Lucy seemed a little anxious.
  12. “I did not ask you,” said Jonas, “why _you_ believed that men could not go up in balloons, but why you were so anxious to make James believe so.
  13. Even if such perversity could occur to Astyages the Medes were not likely to permit it, when the Magians tell Astyages, in Herodotus, how anxious they are that the dominion should not fall into the hands of a Persian.
  14. Anxious that the race of Kuru should not die out, Satyavati bade the wise priest Vyasa, the son of her love, whom she had borne before her marriage with Çantanu, raise up children to the two widows of Vijitravirya.


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