Use Answered in a Sentence, How to use “Answered” in a sentence


Use Answered in a sentence. How to use the word Answered in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Answered. Sentence for Answered.

Use Answered in a Sentence - How to use "Answered" in a sentence

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Examples of answered in a sentence

  1. Donald was surprised when a man answered the phone.
  2. “Guess,” answered Rollo.
  3. Thus far, only those who were standing had answered.
  4. But Yima answered, I am not fitted to be the preacher of the doctrine.
  5. “Right;” “Wrong;” “Right,” answered their companions, variously.
  6. And Yima, the excellent one, answered, I will cause thy creatures to prosper and increase; I will be the keeper, protector, and lord of them.
  7. He answered in unintelligible words for her.
  8. Probably would have answered that saying “take three steps forward” or “bend back” would be the height of the absurd.
  9. On Monday night Toma answered the call of El País and admitted a meeting with Menéndez where he received documentation and decided to pass it to the Presidency.
  10. Difficulties must be explained in detail, questions must be answered one by one, and each scholar’s own conduct must be considered by itself.
  11. “To go,” “Not to go,” answered the scholars, simultaneously.
  12. “You do not answer fully enough yet; I do not think more than forty answered, and there are about sixty here.
  13. Each one, as it comes up, seems necessary; each one, too, is answered in a moment; but the endless number and the continual repetition of them consume his time and exhaust his patience.
  14. Difficulties must be explained; questions must be answered; the path must be smoothed, and the way pointed out by a guide who has traveled it before, or it will be impossible for the pupil to go on.
  15. “Oh,” I answered, “the scholars will like to have a good trial, and this will make a new sort of case.
  16. “No,” answered Jonas; “the air makes it burn: it must have good air around it, or else it won’t burn.


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