Another in a Sentence

Use Another in a sentence. How to use the word Another in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Another.

Definition of Another

Examples of Another in a sentence

*** Another Abigail, David’s sister, married Jether, the Ishmaelite.

*** The inn-keeper brought supper to me and to some other men, in another room.

*** Donald and Jesse met some young men from another village.

*** Claim your Daily Reward now, and get another tomorrow.

*** Another protective measure is the use of a relocking mechanism that automatically throws two or three emergency bolts into action when the lock of a safe is jarred by cutting tools or explosives.

*** The coming of one thing after another in space or time.

*** Division of root tufts is another good way.

*** Another way this occurs is when Members choose to have their messages forwarded to their currently registered e-mail address.

*** E-mail notification: When you receive a message from another Member, we send a message to your currently registered e-mail address informing you that there is a message and who it is from.

*** If you choose a name previously registered by another Member, you are asked to choose another name.

*** It’s yet another way makes your search for Members fun and easy!

*** They then are released to fly to another blossom with the pollen on their bodies.

*** Another species is A. serpentaria, the Virginia snakeroot, whose roots reputedly furnish a remedy for snakebite.

*** They say: We are actively looking for another location for this antenna.

*** And, of course, Sol Campbell is another strong contender.

*** Paterno told Denlinger after another player had decided to leave.

*** This is just another of the boring, soft bombs of Hollywood.

*** 60% hire an accountant or tax preparer, while another 22% use tax software.

*** Another educator, Kate Foy of the British School in Washington, says that the function of the teacher is to allow the students to discover for themselves.

*** The picturesque city of Fez is another aspect of Morocco.

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