Use Anonymous in a Sentence, How to use “Anonymous” in a sentence


Use Anonymous in a sentence. How to use the word Anonymous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Anonymous. Sentence for Anonymous.

Use Anonymous in a Sentence - How to use "Anonymous" in a sentence


Examples of Anonymous in a sentence

  1. Anonymous has targeted Middle Eastern dictators, the Church of Scientology, PayPal, and the Ferguson police.
  2. He was accused by anonymous placards put up at night in Edinburgh.
  3. Anonymous functions are implemented using the Closure class.
  4. You might see a name you don’t recognize or “anonymous animals” viewing your document, spreadsheet, or presentation.
  5. Anonymous is the ultimate internet tough guy.
  6. A safe place for anonymous blogging with a community of compassionate & helpful readers.
  7. Jump to the “Ultra” help about enabling anonymous grading.
  8. If you don’t know who wrote a poem, the author is anonymous.
  9. During Reliable Sources, Goldberg unpacked the article and his use of anonymous sources.
  10. It’s not easy to be anonymous on the internet.
  11. Anonymous works are works, such as art or literature, that have an anonymous, undisclosed, or unknown creator or author.
  12. In computer programming, an anonymous function is a function definition that is not bound to an identifier.
  13. It’s completely anonymous.
  14. An anonymous shell company is a corporate entity that has disguised its ownership in order to operate without scrutiny from law enforcement or the public.
  15. Learn how to allow or disallow anonymous access to blob data for the storage account.
  16. Nebula Genomics is proud to be the first personal genomics company to offer anonymous genetic testing.
  17. Cosmos has partnered with Nym Technologies to bring anonymous credential technology to blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  18. Whether viewed as heroes or villains, much of what is stated about Anonymous is exaggeration.
  19. Most pseudonym holders use pseudonyms because they wish to remain anonymous, but anonymity is difficult to achieve and often fraught with legal issues.
  20. Some news outlets insist that anonymous sources are the only way to obtain certain information, while others prohibit the use of unnamed sources at all times.

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