Animals in a sentence


Use animals in a sentence. Sentence for animals. How to use the word animals in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word animals. How to use “animals” with example sentences.

Definition of animals

Examples of animals in a sentence

*** Many species of plants and animals are found only in tropical forests.

*** The rangers and officials of the Mysore zoo calmed and captured the animals.


*** The animals that we found in the zoo are quite tame.

*** Sure. We can walk around the zoo and look at the animals.

*** He was like a caretaker in the zoo distributing half rations among magnificent animals.

*** This equates to about eighty percent of zoo animals in Britain.

*** All the animals in our zoo have space to run for free.

*** A zoo is a place where live animals are kept in captivity for the public to see.

*** Wild animals are confined in small cages at the zoo.

*** There are many animals in a zoo.

*** Children in kindergarten were captivated by the variety of animals in the zoo.

*** They inhabit almost all types of environments and are parasitic to both plants and animals.

*** Small donkeys, known by their Spanish name of burro, were once widely used as pack animals in the southwestern United States and Mexico.

*** Besides killing small mammals such as rats, the dingo attacks animals much larger than itself, such as kangaroos.

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