Use Animals in a Sentence – How to use “Animals” in a sentence


Use Animals in a sentence. How to use the word Animals in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Animals. Sentence for Animals.

Use Animal in a Sentence - How to use "Animal" in a sentence

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Examples of animals in a sentence

  1. Many species of plants and animals are found only in tropical forests.
  2. The rangers and officials of the Mysore zoo calmed and captured the animals.
  3. The animals that we found in the zoo are quite tame.
  4. Sure. We can walk around the zoo and look at the animals.
  5. He was like a caretaker in the zoo distributing half rations among magnificent animals.
  6. This equates to about eighty percent of zoo animals in Britain.
  7. You can also find a common language with other animals, and this is very sweet.
  8. All the animals in our zoo have space to run for free.
  9. A zoo is a place where live animals are kept in captivity for the public to see.
  10. Wild animals are confined in small cages at the zoo.
  11. There are many animals in a zoo.
  12. Children in kindergarten were captivated by the variety of animals in the zoo.
  13. The diet of the sea horse consists of plankton animals, primarily small crustaceans.
  14. Before the development of the threshing machine about 1840, the separation was accomplished by trampling with the feet of men or animals or by flailing on threshing floors.
  15. They inhabit almost all types of environments and are parasitic to both plants and animals.
  16. Small donkeys, known by their Spanish name of burro, were once widely used as pack animals in the southwestern United States and Mexico.
  17. Besides killing small mammals such as rats, the dingo attacks animals much larger than itself, such as kangaroos.
  18. We have worked with chicken because it is one of the model animals in the study of the embryonic development of the amniotas (mammals, birds and reptiles) “, clarifies the researcher.


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