Use Animal in a Sentence, How to use “Animal” in a sentence


Use Animal in a sentence. How to use the word Animal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Animal. Sentence for Animal.

Use Animal in a Sentence - How to use "Animal" in a sentence

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Examples of animal in a sentence

  1. The popular belief is that saturated fat is animal fat, but this is a misleading generalization.
  2. I consider the dolphin to be the most interesting animal in the zoo.
  3. The koala is the most popular animal in this zoo.
  4. Qualified soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court, gymnasium, animal zoo and planting room.
  5. The zookeeper said that the elephant had always been a calm and gentle animal before.
  6. A titter came around the truck, all of them looking at me like I was some kind of zoo animal.
  7. The fact of having access to the consumption of animal products in all parts of the country, mainly milk, is one of the tangible signs of the success of this choice of a centralized and capitalist economic model.
  8. To respond to the need to impose infrastructure and environmental resources, the country has also achieved important acquisitions of land units and production abroad, as well as an increase in imports of milk and also raw materials for animal nutrition.
  9. However, all this productive development has inevitable consequences: if the consumption of dairy products increases as expected, the emissions of animal gases into the atmosphere will increase by 35% and China will have to expand the cultivable land by 32%.
  10. Food, such as seaweed and very small marine animal matter, is swept into the centrally located mouth by hairlike cilia on the spines.
  11. The animal is sluglike in appearance and brightly colored, usually yellowish or greenish.
  12. Here we bring you the most funny and cute animal gifs at Christmas!
  13. We then contrived to run in a pair of shears, so as to cut off the web, and let both the animal and its treasure fall down into the tumbler.


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