Use Ancient in a Sentence, How to use “Ancient” in a sentence


Use Ancient in a sentence. How to use the word Ancient in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ancient. Sentence for Ancient.

Use Ancient in a Sentence - How to use "Ancient" in a sentence


Examples of Ancient in a sentence

  1. He was an idealizer of ancient Rome, and was enamored of the socialistic state and a community of property.
  2. To him modern students are largely indebted for direct access to ancient Japanese poetry.
  3. He was the first of the three great scholars who dedicated themselves to this work of simplifying the ancient faith of the country.
  4. Descartes proposed the existence of relatively hard but divisible corpuscles that filled all space; Gassendi, drawing upon the ancient atomists Epicurus and Lucretius, theorized about indivisible atoms in motion in an extended void.
  5. Confucius is the greatness of the educator of ancient Chinese times, being the most important person in popular education.
  6. The ancient scriptures reinforce their claims on the earth.
  7. His writings range from ancient to contemporary art, and include a study of Giorgione’s paintings.
  8. The comparisons between the dictators of the twentieth century and the classical tyrants of Ancient Rome are seductive but deceptive.
  9. The almost 600 stone and rock cliff houses that the ancient Anasazi traversed on the steep canyon walls are the most compelling feature of Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park.
  10. ACHELOUS, is the ancient name of one of the chief rivers in Greece.
  11. EPHOD, a vestment wom by priests in ancient Israel.
  12. In the fourteenth century, Europeans outperformed their ancient predecessors by developing theories about momentum and uniform acceleration.
  13. He directed the mineralogical survey of Ceylon and was among the leaders who revived the ancient Sinhalese culture.
  14. Formerly also called Aspropotamos, the river formed part of the boundary between ancient Acarnania and Aetolia.
  15. ACTA DIURNA, official written accounts of daily events in ancient Rome.
  16. Unsuccessful in their search, they arrive, as old men, at a strange, nameless isle inhabited by descendants of the ancient Greeks.

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