Use Analyzed in a Sentence – How to use “Analyzed” in a sentence


Use Analyzed in a sentence. How to use the word Analyzed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Analyzed.

Use Analyzed in a Sentence - How to use "Analyzed" in a sentence


Examples of Analyzed in a sentence

  1. Methods Samples were analyzed with acetone-air flame AAS using lanthanum chloride releasing agent.
  2. From the aspects of technology and economics, the advantages of high-energy fuel gas are analyzed and compared to acetylene.
  3. The green production processes in substitution of ACH mainly include isobutene processes, ethylene processes, isobutane processes and methylacetylene processes, which will be analyzed in this document.
  4. Methods The liposoluble components of the aerial parts of Dioscorea nipponica. Makino were analyzed by GC-MS-computer technology.
  5. Based on the launch system, the electropult coin ownership technology is analyzed in a simple manner, which is one of the key technologies in the launching of air defense missile racks.
  6. The key online concentrated sampling techniques are analyzed and the relationships between the accumulator precharge pressure and the pressure retention results are studied.
  7. Subsequently, the influence of the pulsation rate of the flow and the constant pressure of the system on the effect of the accumulator absorbing the pressure pulsation was analyzed theoretically.
  8. The relationship between parameters such as the polytropic exponent, the volume of charge, the effective volume and the pressure ratio of the accumulator, and the influence on the energy density were analyzed in a particularly detailed way.
  9. The long-term indefinite investment risk decision was analyzed according to the theory of probability and by the discount rate adjusted to the risk.
  10. The data collected were analyzed by descriptive statistics – ANOVA mode, product – correlation moment and multiple step regression analysis.
  11. Subsequently, the results are analyzed by non-linear regression to obtain the function between the amount of dust particles and the vibration time and frequency of vibration.
  12. The least squares principle was used to process the experimental data and the regression line obtained. The failure mechanism of the He-Ne laser tube with different current has been analyzed.
  13. The correlation factors between them are analyzed by statistical regression, where the thickness of the mineral formation is considered a random variation.
  14. The effects of different sizes on the tension result of the cartridge box are analyzed.

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