Use Analysis in a Sentence, How to use “Analysis” in a sentence


Use Analysis in a sentence. How to use the word Analysis in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Analysis.

Use Analysis in a Sentence - How to use "Analysis" in a sentence


Examples of Analysis in a sentence

  1. With this partnership XARA Module users will benefit from RealTracker’s impressive Internet tracking and audience analysis services which provide instant, reliable statistics about the visitors to their site.
  2. Considering the analysis in the three social networks, the hashtags most used by Peruvians to express their feelings and comments for the dates were #Navidad, #Familia and #Regalo.
  3. The function between the modification module and the specific velocity can be found by regression analysis.
  4. A presentation was made on the biological properties of Dendrocalamus latiflorus, and an analysis was carried out on the relationship between the size of the aerial biomass of the culm base and the shoot.
  5. This document, through the method of variation analysis and the method of analysis aimed at meaning, analyzes the corpus, discovering that the meanings of the metaphor are rich and complex and have some regularities.
  6. Assist Mr. Contador for group reports and credit analysis.
  7. The system of interactive analysis of the speech act in the classroom was presented by the American educator, Ned.
  8. Multiple gradual regression analysis was also applied.
  9. The best fit between these measurements for each patient was calculated by non-linear regression analysis.
  10. Logistic regression analysis showed that of the seven reflux variables, only the hiatal hernia predicted the state of the esophageal mucosa.
  11. We used one-way ANOVA, principal component analysis and multiple regression as a study model.
  12. The analysis of covariance is a combination of regression analysis and analysis of variance.
  13. Based on the meaning of the investment multiplier, this document establishes the calculation model for the multiplier of industrial investment and obtains the multiplier value by means of regression analysis.
  14. The method of data processing is: rank analysis, analysis of variance, correlation analysis, linear and curvilinear regression, hierarchical analysis.
  15. The main statistical methods were the analysis of variance (ANOV A), the multiple comparison, the non-parametric test, the t test, the linear regression and the correlation, and the X2 test.
  16. The multivariate regression analysis suggested that the correlative factors close to the ISI were high density lipoprotein, very low density lipoprotein, and CEcAMP.
  17. Students will focus on decision analysis, forecasting techniques, linear regression, project scheduling, queuing theory and linear programming.

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