Use Consists in a Sentence, How to use “Consists” in a sentence


Use Consists in a sentence. How to use the word Consists in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Consists. Sentence for Consists.

Use Consists in a Sentence - How to use "Consists" in a sentence

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Definition of Consists

  • To be made upor composed.
  • To be found or contained; lie

Examples of Consists in a sentence

  1. The Verve set presents 42 alternative and unfinished shots, while the set of blue notes consists entirely of previously published material.
  2. That is why the deconstruction of Chinese history or ideological history consists of three levels of ontological denial.
  3. This is the printer driver of the future and consists of software and a cartridge that connects to your laser printer.
  4. The electronic zoo consists of a slab of 9m squared supported by reinforced columns.
  5. It consists of a flat wooden sound box across which from 30 to 45 strings are stretched.
  6. It consists of two long narrow islands, collectively called Abaco, and the nearby islets or cays.
  7. It is box-shaped and consists of a bellows with a frame-work attached to each end.
  8. The aromatic oil, obtained by steam distillation, consists of a mixture of several exquisite floral fragrances.
  9. WTRMLN WTR consists of nothing but raw watermelon and a drop of organic lemon juice.
  10. This whale skeleton consists of nothing but plastic debris washed up on the shores of Oregon.
  11. The second geographic region consists of hills and narrow valleys sloping eastward to the Adriatic.
  12. The county’s geology consists of a series of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, folded and faulted with a general south by southwest to north by northeast trend, and massive intrusive granites.
  13. Anyone who knows Ireland knows that the morning of St. Patrick’s Day consists of the night of March 17 with a strong flavor on the morning of the eighteenth day.
  14. If the exercise to which the teacher is attending consists merely in listening to the reciting word for word some passage committed to memory, it can be done.


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