Use Ample in a Sentence, How to use “Ample” in a sentence


Use Ample in a sentence. How to use the word Ample in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ample. Sentence for Ample.

Use Ample in a Sentence - How to use "Ample" in a sentence


Examples of Ample in a sentence

  1. He must have ample chance to learn how to meet injustice.
  2. I was in some alarm, for which there was ample cause.
  3. There is ample space for our piano in the living room.
  4. To ensure ample humidity, place the pot on an inverted saucer immersed in water in a cache-pot.
  5. There are display panels, brochures and ample space for information on products and ranges.
  6. Dessert selections in San Remo are modest, but they provide ample opportunity to quench that sweet desire at the end of the meal.
  7. In the spring, when you repot, take care that the bottom of the pot has ample drainage.
  8. This, of course, gave Pyrrhus ample justification, as he imagined, for his intended incursion into the Macedonian realms.
  9. The men had had ample time and opportunity in the many days of active social intercourse which they had enjoyed with their guests, to know who were free, and they were forbidden in any instance to take a wife away from her husband.
  10. If the tribes of the Medes had previously been forced to bow before the Assyrians, they took ample vengeance for the degradation.
  11. The surrounding hills and the neighbourhood provided an ample supply of stones for building; stone of a better quality was quarried in Lebanon and carried down.
  12. His office as cup-bearer would enable him, Gelon said, to execute such a design without difficulty or danger, and, by doing it, he would so commend himself to the regard of Neoptolemus, that he might rely on the most ample and abundant rewards.
  13. The Roman government, accordingly, began immediately to enlist new recruits, and to make preparations for a new campaign, more ample and complete, and on a far greater scale than before.


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