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Use Among in a sentence. How to use the word Among in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Among.

Definition of Among

Examples of Among in a sentence

*** Among the satellites of the solar system, only Jupiter’s Ganymede is larger.

*** City University’s MBA courses are well accredited among multinational corporations.


*** Among the subjects he depicted, often in series or duplications with minor variations in color and tone, were soup cans, soap-pad boxes, and soft-drink bottles; public figures, including Marilyn Monroe; and news events, such as race riots.

*** Boiotia was hesitating, knowing that there was a strong current of opinion among the Peloponnesians in favor of defending only their peninsula.

*** Among these is the view that the universe is a unity of being, not a combination somehow of the physical and the spiritual, of the body and the soul.

*** With the accompaniment of the heptachord, the poems sounded beautiful and fascinating and were very popular among the people.


*** Bronze and brass, cast by the lost-wax process over a good part of West and central Africa, was used for the figurative works of Ife, Benin, Ashanti, and Yoruba, among others.

*** Lucky Waster’s pioneering novels were very famous among her early works.

*** Why, then, are there so many unwanted births among people with less favorable circumstances?

*** Paper trays like spiral wicks were scattered among the plates and wine bottles.


*** Like a spider’s web or a house of caddis, a beaver dam is among the true wonders of the world.

*** This belief gained wide dissemination among the Sinhalese of all social strata in the 20th century.

*** inside an impressive glass balloon 30 inches in diameter, shrimp palette among algae fronds.

*** In this faded house among the ferns, a brilliant idea was inevitably taking shape.


*** It is more pleasant to work in the fields, where you can walk among the trees. But I do not get so much work done.

*** She always began her delivery among the groups of less picturesque houses on the south side of the green.

*** The term behavior modification is misleading because it refers to a specific technique among many techniques.


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