American in a Sentence

Use American in a sentence. How to use the word American in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word American.

American in a Sentence
Examples of American in a sentence

*** Donald became an American citizen in 1948 but returned to Austria shortly thereafter to live, settling in the resort town of Bad Ischl.

*** You make make use of the American Universities’ education discount advantages.

*** Andrew Ellicott Douglass; (1867-1962), American astronomer and dendrochronologist, who originated the science of dendrochronology in 1901.

*** Employers and schools are more likely to accept your American education if it comes from an accredited non-accredited program.

*** In California, American Indians first fished for abalone.

*** Andy Warhol, American artist and film maker, a leader in the avant garde pop art movement of the early 1960’s.

*** Amotken;The creator deity of the Selish, one of the oldest of the North American Indian peoples.

*** Steve Ayege is an American author and educator.

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*** Marva Collins is an American educator who in 1975 started Westside Preparatory School in Garfield Park, an impoverished neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois.

*** Before studying the massification of higher education, we must first understand the theory of higher education posed by Professor Martin Trow, the famous American educator and sociologist.

*** Bethune was an American educator and civil rights leader who was born in the year 1880.

*** Maury Yeston is an American composer, lyricist, educator and musicologist.

*** ‘Guys and Dolls’ is the American musical par excellence.

*** The arrival of this South American predator threatened the survival of native species.

*** The “unwanted American population” that is systematically discouraged by the mass media supported by advertising is not small.

*** John Cheever was one of the most outstanding American story writers of the 20th century.

*** The American allies were quite surprised by the suddenness of this announcement.

*** An American reader of translated Chinese poems may be surprised, even discouraged, by the frequency, as well as by the sentimentality of the home regret.

*** In the quaint little town of Vevey in Switzerland, he met Daisy Miler, the daughter of a wealthy American businessman.

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