Use Ambitious in a Sentence, How to use “Ambitious” in a sentence


Use Ambitious in a sentence. How to use the word Ambitious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ambitious. Sentence for Ambitious.

Use Ambitious in a Sentence - How to use "Ambitious" in a sentence

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Examples of ambitious in a sentence

  1. When the absurdity of this biologism and organicism became evident, sociologists completely abandoned Comte’s ambitious pretensions.
  2. He himself was not an ambitious or dynamic man, and in February 1866 a group of army officers revolted and forced him to abdicate and leave the country.
  3. In her most ambitious literary undertaking, she edited British Novelists (1810), a 50-volume set of English novels, for which she provided a critical essay and biographical notes.
  4. Meanwhile, Fargo and others had embarked, in 1852, on the more ambitious venture of a transcontinental express service from New York to San Francisco.
  5. But he was of a quiet and somewhat inefficient disposition, while his younger brother was ardent and ambitious, and very likely to aspire to the possession of power.
  6. When success had been obtained, he went on to attack Media, whether it was that he did not consider the freedom of Persia secure without the overthrow of that country, or that he at once formed the most ambitious designs.
  7. According to Xenophon’s description, Cyrus was of a kindly disposition, eager to instruct himself, and so ambitious that he shrank from no effort and no danger.
  8. Finally, he must conclude treaties with the ambitious neighbours of the hostile state, and attempt to break off his alliances, by creating personal dissensions between the princes.
  9. He who does not remove an ambitious and covetous minister, who maligns others, will be himself removed.
  10. This lawlessness is brought to an end, not by a mighty warrior, but by a clever, ambitious village-judge, who by his decisions so gains the affections of the Medes, that they elect him to be king.
  11. Warlike and ambitious by nature, he armed the most vigorous of his young men, and accustomed them by long and various exercises to all the toils and dangers of war.


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