Use Amazing in a Sentence, How to use “Amazing” in a sentence


Use Amazing in a sentence. How to use the word Amazing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Amazing. Sentence for Amazing.

Amazing in a Sentence


Examples of Amazing in a sentence

  1. Animals have an amazing ability to adapt to their environment.
  2. It’s amazing.
  3. That’s amazing!
  4. My night was amazing.
  5. You guys are amazing.
  6. That was so amazing.
  7. It was quite amazing.
  8. It really is amazing.
  9. Our team is amazing.
  10. The trip was amazing.
  11. I’ve found something amazing!
  12. The way they have recreated Egypt at the bar is amazing.
  13. It is amazing how quickly a mother learns that language.
  14. Jumps two decades and the statistics are amazing.
  15. Politics, of which they have amazing ideas, also came in for discussion.
  16. In addition, you will get an incredible fashion collection of all the ideas with which you can easily create an amazing collection of happy new year phrases.
  17. Most people like to get an amazing collection of happy new year quotes that are too special for all of you.
  18. Sometimes, colleagues in performance are absolutely amazing.
  19. So if you’re clueless about this life-long journey, you can tap into your parents’ experiences, since they already did such an amazing job raising an awesome human being (you).
  20. This was the most amazing part of the incident, and proves the gluttonous character of the pickerel and his complete inability to appreciate the limits of his own capacity.
  21. In an amazing impulse of protest he reached out and shook his freckled fist right under the Younger Man’s nose.
  22. Toward the starving and the crippled and the hideously distorted, the world, having no envy of them, shows always an amazing mercy; and Beauty, whatever its sorrows, can always retreat to the thick protecting wall of its own conceit.
  23. Around the Young Electrician’s eyes the whimsical smile-wrinkles deepened with amazing vividness.
  24. Against this bleak background the work of Kingo stands out as an amazing achievement.

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