Use Alternate in a Sentence, How to use “Alternate” in a sentence


Use Alternate in a sentence. How to use the word Alternate in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Alternate.

Use Alternate in a Sentence - How to use "Alternate" in a sentence


Examples of Alternate in a sentence

  1. Alternate conventions may exist side by side.
  2. Write on alternate lines.
  3. Safavids, a dynasty that ruled Iran from 1501 to 1736. An alternate spelling of the name is Safawids.
  4. Please list alternate dates.
  5. He proposed an alternate plan.
  6. In two cases in which father and son were working in shifts, they organized alternate shifts, which allowed uninterrupted agricultural work.
  7. Then start adding a little on alternate days.
  8. But in a substantial fraction of the width of the stela, turbulent and non-turbulent movements alternate.
  9. You will have to alternate. One of you can use the room in the morning, and the other at night.
  10. This, as you probably already know, selects alternate needles automatically.Alternate in a Sentence
  11. In manic or bipolar depression, episodes of depression alternate with periods of excessive euphoria or mania of similar duration.
  12. I had to alternate between different sizes to get the degree of control I wanted.
  13. Add the sifted flour and eggs lightly beaten in alternate tablespoons, mixing well.
  14. When stepping step by step to alternate feet, straighten and bend the left elbow to work the front part of the arm.
  15. For three hours he sat in the kitchen, discovering how boredom can alternate with terror, trying to get bored.
  16. Visit to his parents on alternate Sundays.
  17. We will alternate between trying to encourage them and give them sermons.
  18. Another variation of the basic anti-slip stitch uses the insert and slide operation in alternate rows.
  19. However, the role of alternate-day corticosteroids in children who experience chronic or recurrent symptoms often deserves further study.
  20. Farmers tend to alternate their crops.
  21. Work alternate days.
  22. Of health or alternate leaves, ovate or widely ovate, with wavy crenatum.
  23. We alternate between black and white and color, forward and backward, truth and lies. … and neither do we.

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