Use Also in a Sentence – How to use “Also” in a sentence


Use Also in a sentence. How to use the word Also in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Also. Sentence for Also.

Also in a Sentence
Definition of Also

Besides; too; in addition; as well.


Examples of Also in a sentence

  1. They are sometimes also grown in borders and wild gardens.
  2. They can also be difficult to grow so need a great deal of care.
  3. They also introduced the terrns anode and cathode.
  4. This reduces the resources used for packaging, transport and also the refrigeration they sometimes need.
  5. The anode, which attracts and collects electrons, is also known as the plate.
  6. It is also used in orchestral works by Richard Strauss and Gustav Holst.
  7. He is also considered the originator in Spanish of the literary sketch called the crónica.
  8. Thomas also achieved success with Hamlet (1868) and Françoise de Rimini (1882).
  9. When thoroughly trained, a Dalmatian can also make a good gundog, having an excellent nose.
  10. Not only is this method of exchanging banners free, it can also lead to a substantial increase in your web site’s traffic.
  11. Animated banners can also be used.
  12. RealTracker can also be configured to allow valuable visitors feedback regarding the design and content of the websites.
  13. The Intimate and Adult Interviews are also a great source of icebreaker topics when you are contacting other Members.
  14. You may also wish to change the mileage radius as well.
  15. Birch was also a talented artist.
  16. United States residents who wish to conduct International searches must also use the “Search By Location” portion of the Search page to find Members who live outside the fifty (50) States.
  17. The applicants can make the application on their own or someone else can also apply for them.
  18. Guests should also use this portion of the Search page since neither their ZIP code nor the countries they live in are a part of our database because we do not consider Guests as Members.
  19. The winners will be notified by mail.With the letter they receive they will also be informed.
  20. “What they also did was show me an image of Murmansk at the end of World War II, and it was an aerial photograph,” he says.

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