Use Almost in a Sentence, How to use “Almost” in a sentence


Use Almost in a sentence. How to use the word Almost in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Almost.

Use Almost in a Sentence - How to use "Almost" in a sentence

Examples of Almost in a sentence

  1. Almost all records “have no record” of something, the woman is one of them.
  2. In the absence of a viable aerial torpedo capability, dive bombing remained the main option for sinking enemy warships until almost two years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
  3. Almost unnoticed, the standard 12-ton cargo van was vacuum-braked.
  4. He has an almost Jekyll and Hyde existence, by day he is an accountant, at night he is a singer in a rock band.
  5. However, the standard edition of Hobbes’s writings is almost 150 years old and suffers from serious defects and omissions.
  6. His illustrative examples are almost invariably reheated by other writings.
  7. Avicenna was also a doctor; his writings on medicine were important for almost 500 years.
  8. Almost all the exhibitors seemed willing to let me touch the most delicate things, and they were very kind to explain everything to me.
  9. The bishops had almost absolute power.
  10. The incidence of umbilicated bleeding in astrocytoma, brain metastasis and brain abscess was almost the same, without showing value in the qualitative diagnosis.
  11. Almost all photographic aberrations are now legible due to their constant recurrence in all vehicles of visual mass communication.
  12. The list of endangered species includes almost 600 fish.
  13. ‘That’ is almost always left out, especially in speech. He is dead and it is no use wishing him to live again.
  14. Each landing was almost an inch deep in boxes of cartridges through which the thin line of dried blood still passed.
  15. There is almost a vertigo surrounding the conversations in Houston.
  16. Bob Marley popularized reggae music, along with the Rastafarian religion, to the world outside of Jamaica. He did it, moreover, with an almost messianic fervor and aplomb.
  17. The sudden increase in the price of oil almost bankrupts the company.

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