Use All in a Sentence, How to use “All” in a sentence


Use All in a sentence. How to use the word All in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word All. Sentence for All.

Use All in a Sentence - How to use "All" in a sentence


Examples of All in a sentence

  1. The instrument more than justifies your splendid praise and I am delighted with it in all aspects.
  2. These songs, probably all of which ended with the refrain “Hallelujah” (Praise the Lord), were recited by the Levites in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem (Ezra 3:11).
  3. All of which is to say that “Spider-Man”, with its broken aerial acrobatics and its epic sense of doom, is an unforgettably vulgar sight, and, really, worth seeing for that reason.
  4. Not all the patterns and marks seen in aerial photographs represent archaeological sites.
  5. The most aerial of all birds, which superficially resembles swallows and martins, feeding on flying insects.
  6. All substances or behaviors that alter mood can be addictive.
  7. All accredited with the authorship of this book.
  8. This scheme uses all the effective bits of the phase accumulator address, and thus can improve the performance of DDS, which has a spur suppression value of -70 dB.
  9. Includes: All types of communication equipment, navigation, lighting, transformers, accumulators, lamps and flashlights.
  10. It is suitable for all types of forklift trucks, passenger cars, electric locomotives and low voltage accumulator locomotives for mineral use.
  11. On 13 August, an indefinite ban was announced on all public demonstrations.
  12. Literary prizes are vulnerable to partisan whims and bizarre impulses, a notion that comforts all disgruntled contenders.
  13. The actress was granted all the deference of a visiting celebrity.
  14. The loading station is animated with cranes and vehicles of all descriptions.
  15. All vehicles that transport goods need a special license.
  16. I’m sick of my boss cheating me all the time.
  17. He shows all the indications of wanting to accept the publication.
  18. We must all accept part of the responsibility.
  19. We accept all major credit cards.
  20. If this is correct, all versions of the ontological argument fail.
  21. She says that all you do is burp, litter, drip, smile and emit a series of unintelligible sounds.

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