Use Air in a Sentence, How to use “Air” in a sentence


Use Air in a sentence. How to use the word Air in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Air. Sentence for Air.

Use Air in a Sentence - How to use "Air" in a sentence

Examples of Air in a sentence

  1. What airport would air transport choose?
  2. Around the Persian Gulf War, this machine loads air transport and other operational support tasks.
  3. Recommends the establishment of a global database of high seas fishing vessels and the use of on-board observers, air patrols and more patrol vessels.
  4. In the terrestrial air defense struggle, the opposability between the air-to-air missile and the air object is a dynamic opposite process.
  5. The micro bionic flying robot is a complicated intelligent robot, i. and. and a micro air vehicle.
  6. We mainly export sea transport, air transport, express airmail, declaration, towing service, welcome inquiry!
  7. The specialized global air transport service saves transport time and resolves an anxious priority! The achievement holds!
  8. This theme aims to improve the aerial directional capacity, the immediate coordination reactions, the overload capacity, the flight resistance and the adaptation to the air environment of the crew.
  9. In accordance with the nature of the air strike objectives in modern naval battles, this document confirms the provision of the radar picket frigate that is used in the air warnings for the formation of warships.
  10. The song has a trill resembling a wooden warbler, followed by a low-throat warble; delivered on air flight of the song.
  11. I bought an extension cable for the air point.
  12. This paper presents a landing gear drop test method, in which the lift is simulated by an air actuator and an accumulator system with constant pressure.
  13. Will the goods be shipped by air or by sea?
  14. He served as a captain in the Air Force, and is a certified public accountant.
  15. By means of the progressive regression method, a mathematical model of the air hammer was developed.
  16. It also diverts unwanted air from passing the skeg which, as we shall see, is important at high speeds.

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