Aid in a Sentence


Use Aid in a sentence. How to use the word Aid in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Aid.

Definition of Aid

Examples of Aid in a sentence

*** Repair of damage caused by storms, reimbursement of foreign debt and aid to small enterprises will be financed from the 1988 fiscal surplus.

*** Education services, of course, are a vital aid for parents when it comes to providing education and ancillary services.


*** Therefore, it can be a valuable aid for a better understanding and management of what is inevitably a very complex process.

*** And as an aid for drilling, make a simple template of a lath length.

*** Rolly tried the youngsters carefully, put out the fire and administered first aid to the waiter Wheeler.

*** Aid agencies say that around 110,000 people in the peninsula are displaced due to the war.

*** The influence of his writing aid teaching was great.

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