Use Aid in a Sentence, How to use “Aid” in a sentence


Use Aid in a sentence. How to use the word Aid in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Aid. Sentence for Aid.

Use Aid in a Sentence - How to use "Aid" in a sentence


Examples of Aid in a sentence

  1. Repair of damage caused by storms, reimbursement of foreign debt and aid to small enterprises will be financed from the 1988 fiscal surplus.
  2. Education services, of course, are a vital aid for parents when it comes to providing education and ancillary services.
  3. Therefore, it can be a valuable aid for a better understanding and management of what is inevitably a very complex process.
  4. And as an aid for drilling, make a simple template of a lath length.
  5. Rolly tried the youngsters carefully, put out the fire and administered first aid to the waiter Wheeler.
  6. Aid agencies say that around 110,000 people in the peninsula are displaced due to the war.
  7. The influence of his writing aid teaching was great.
  8. So, instead of educational loans within the students’ financial aid package, the university would fund scholarships from their own endowments.
  9. Can this also lead to reducing the rising cost of medical aid in the future?
  10. In the course of their relationship, Hutton witnessed historical moments, such as the high performance of Queen’s Live Aid in 1985.
  11. She even took flying lesson so she could fly to places where she could give food supplies and ferrying aid workers.
  12. When we hear the word ‘crowdfunding’, we think of start-ups, innovations, cutting edge technological advancements, environment conservation, even medical aid for needy people.
  13. D’Artagnan, an innocent provincial from Gas-cony, journeys to Paris to seek his fortune in the service of the king, and with the aid of his sword and three loyal friends, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos—the musketeers of the title—he at last wins admission to the king’s guard.
  14. His mother, though she had left him, did not forget her child; but watched over him continually, and interposed directly to aid or to protect him, whenever her aid was required by the occurrence of any emergency of difficulty or danger.


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