Use Agrochemical in a Sentence – How to use “Agrochemical” in a sentence


Use Agrochemical in a sentence. How to use the word Agrochemical in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agrochemical. Sentence for Agrochemical.

Use Agrochemical in a Sentence - How to use "Agrochemical" in a sentence


Examples of Agrochemical in a sentence

  1. We are one of the best company in the field of exporting Agrochemical products in China.
  2. Agrochemical also includes fertilizers and soil conditioners.
  3. Excellent solubility properties allow use in even the most sensitive agrochemical formulations.
  4. Regulatory consulting support for agrochemical crop protection products, pesticide registration with EPA under FIFRA.
  5. The technique could allow the chemical industry to manufacture chemicals, for example agrochemical actives, far more efficiently than they do now.
  6. May 2020 had entered a 10-year contract with a global agrochemical major to supply a high-value agrochemical intermediary with application in herbicides.
  7. Precision proteomics for agrochemical applications.
  8. Manufacture of pesticides and other agrochemical products.
  9. An agrochemical is any substance used to help manage an agricultural ecosystem, or the community of organisms in a farming area.
  10. Small farms and large agricultural companies will purchase a range of liquid agrochemical products from manufacturers to help increase crop yield.
  11. NKFU is a dynamic company dealing with special agrochemicals and agrochemical industry related services worldwide.
  12. We have years of experience with custom synthesis for the agrochemical industry.
  13. Nonetheless, the use of this agrochemical has increased in Latin America due to the expansion of eucalyptus, oil palm and pine tree.
  14. As a major closure supplier to the agrochemical industry, we are well-known for our broad technical know-how and in-depth understanding of the market built up …
  15. The pressure on the agrochemical industry to launch a new plant protection agent has become tremendously high.
  16. An agrochemical or agrichemical, a contraction of agricultural chemical, is a chemical product used in agriculture.
  17. But thanks to better monsoon rains and healthy farm sentiments, agrochemical companies are seeing upward revision in earnings estimates.
  18. Advocates have attempted to use litigation as a recourse for challenging the agrochemical industry.

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