Agricultural in a Sentence

Use Agricultural in a sentence. How to use the word Agricultural in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agricultural.

Definition of Agricultural

Of, having to do with, or used in agriculture.

Examples of Agricultural in a sentence

*** Frank Hill’s is well known on the Holderness peninsula, in East Yorkshire, for cattle ranching and agricultural auctions.

*** In fact, the increase in budgetary costs in the mid-1980s is the main impetus for agricultural reform.

*** As a result of the modernization of agriculture beginning in the early 1950’s, the volume of agricultural production rose about 2% in 20 years.

*** Eure is primarily agricultural, raising wheat, apples, and sugar beets, but it also has textile, dairy, and leather industries.

*** Aberdeen, a city in Mississippi, is an agricultural and manufacturing center, and the seat of Monroe County.

*** In the customs declaration, the sender rated the cargo as agricultural machinery.

*** This was the quintessence of the agricultural country of the Midwest.

*** Modern agricultural methods have led to the total extinction of many species of wild flowers.

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