Use Agog in a Sentence , How to use “Agog” in a sentence


Use Agog in a sentence. How to use the word Agog in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agog. Sentence for Agog.

Use Agog in a Sentence


Definition of Agog

Full of eager curiosity; excited.

Examples of Agog in a sentence

  1. to be all agog about something.
  2. All agog to know what had happened.
  3. Indian official answers agog.
  4. This put the whole band agog.
  5. The heads of the fish floated on top, with their scaly jaws agog, and the open cavities were empty.
  6. How can polymorphic erythema effect a radical cure? Be agog!
  7. They were all agog to see the falls at the head of tide-water, and spent a miserable night in a rickety shanty, which was cold as Greenland, except in the fireplace, and there they roasted.


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