Use Agitated in a Sentence, How to use “Agitated” in a sentence


Use Agitated in a sentence. How to use the word Agitated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agitated. Sentence for Agitated.

Use Agitated in a Sentence - How to use "Agitated" in a sentence

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Examples of Agitated in a sentence

  1. That put the whole city agitated with emotion.
  2. She was agitated and alarmed.
  3. Bothwell himself felt anxious and agitated.
  4. The king was greatly excited and agitated at receiving this intelligence.
  5. She was very much agitated and alarmed, and begged to be allowed to send a letter to her sister before they took her away.
  6. The various monarchical nations of Europe have been for many years, as is well known, strongly agitated with questions of politics.
  7. Having been raised for almost 25 years, the day I changed parents’ corner and went from being agitated and resentful to inspired and more at peace was when I stopped being a martyr and learned that it was okay to dedicate time to myself.
  8. It is even possible that Chærea may have been connected with them in some secret design, for it is said that when he received the orders of Caligula to put Quintilia to the torture he was greatly agitated and alarmed.
  9. He grew worse, and was evidently about to die; but he was so irritable and angry that for a long time no one dared to tell him of his approaching dissolution, and he lay restless, and wretched, and agitated with political animosities upon his dying bed.
  10. These seas, though they look small upon the map, are really spacious and wide, and are often greatly agitated by winds and storms.
  11. Mary says that she was distressed and agitated beyond measure by the appeals and threats with which Bothwell accompanied his urgent entreaties.
  12. She said it was sudden; and she seemed agitated and distressed.
  13. The quarrel was kept down, however, during the progress of the siege, but when at length the town was taken it broke out anew, and the whole body of the Crusaders became greatly agitated with it.


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