Use Aggression in a Sentence – How to use “Aggression” in a sentence


Use Aggression in a sentence. How to use the word Aggression in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Aggression. Sentence for Aggression.

Use Aggression in a Sentence - How to use "Aggression" in a sentence

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Examples of Aggression in a sentence

  1. There is something very important, your own aggression can discourage you more.
  2. In France, Philip was invading his Norman provinces, and was evidently preparing for still greater aggression.
  3. An attitude that is interpreted as enthusiasm when transmitted face-to-face is indistinguishable from aggression in voicemail messages or faxes.
  4. If we did nothing, we would be provoking Russia for aggression, like it was in.
  5. This law providing for the confiscation of property cast in wrecks upon a shore, and its forfeiture to the sovereign of the territory, is one of the most striking instances of aggression made by law on the natural and indefeasible rights of man.
  6. The consequences of Hannibal’s reckless ambition, and of his wholly unjustifiable aggression on Roman rights to gratify it, did not end with his own personal ruin.
  7. He contrived to turn all these energies into the new current of military aggression, conquest, and war.
  8. The idea of there being any injustice or wrong in this wanton and unprovoked aggression upon the territories of a neighboring nation seems not to have entered the mind either of the royal robber himself or of his historian.
  9. He did not want Greece to attack her ally, but was content to advise that she should free herself from the ties that bound her to Servia, and in the event of Bulgarian aggression just leave her ally in the lurch.
  10. Besides, public opinion would never endure to see the country stripped of its naval means of defence and exposed to possible aggression.
  11. Of course the most eager and inveterate hostility of the English army would be directed against the Norwegians and their king, whom they considered as foreign intruders, without any excuse or pretext for their aggression.


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