Use Agents in a Sentence, How to use “Agents” in a sentence


Use Agents in a sentence. How to use the word Agents in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Agents. Sentence for Agents.

Use Agents in a Sentence - How to use "Agents" in a sentence

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Examples of Agents in a sentence

  1. The armies, and the generals who commanded them, were the agents employed to do their bidding.
  2. Agents are accused of tricking customers into enrolling in savings plans that were actually insurance policies.
  3. However, we do not contemplate with astonishment at what the real estate agents achieved.
  4. potage , or potages LiƩs , is being cooked with thickening agents.
  5. I suddenly started getting very positive feedback, from agents and other young actors.
  6. She filled England, France, and Scotland with the loud expressions of her regret, and she punished the agents who had executed her will.
  7. In the same manner he sent out agents to all the chief cities in western Europe, with orders to advertise there for carpenters, masons, engineers, ship-builders, and persons of all the other trades likely to be useful in the work of building the city.
  8. Peter had his secret agents every where, and through them he received such information in respect to Mazeppa’s movements as led him to suspect his designs.
  9. They would send agents and emissaries about the kingdom to arouse, and encourage, and assemble such Saxon forces as were yet to be found.
  10. Antony, hearing of these things, sent his agents to Rome and made accusations against Octavius; but these counter accusations were of no avail.
  11. The friends and secret agents of Cleopatra, who reported these things to Antony, made, moreover, direct representations to him, for the purpose of inclining his mind in her favor.
  12. In America, Legislatures and executive officers of state are only agents, through whom the great population itself quietly executes its will, the two millions of votes in the great elections being the real power by which every thing is controlled.


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