Use Agency in a Sentence and How is “Agency” used in English?


Use Agency in a sentence. How to use the word Agency in a sentence? How is “Agency” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Agency”? Sentence for Agency.

Use Agency in a Sentence - How to use "Agency" in a sentence

Definition of Agency

Agency refers to the capacity of an individual or entity to act independently and make decisions that can bring about certain consequences or outcomes. It involves having control over one’s actions, being able to deliberate about options and make choices, and being accountable for the consequences of those choices.

In the context of business, agency can also refer to a relationship between two parties, where one party (the principal) grants authority to another party (the agent) to act on their behalf in some capacity, such as making decisions or conducting transactions. This relationship is often established through a legal agreement, and the agent is typically bound by a set of obligations and responsibilities to act in the best interests of the principal.

How is “Agency” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Agency”?

The term “agency” can be used in various contexts in the English language, and its usage can vary depending on the context. Here are some common ways the term is used:

  1. Legal context: In the legal context, “agency” refers to a relationship where one person (the agent) has the authority to act on behalf of another person (the principal). For example, a real estate agent is an agent of the seller, and has the authority to act on their behalf in the sale of a property.
  2. Business context: In the business context, “agency” can refer to a company that provides services on behalf of another company or individual. For example, a marketing agency may provide services to a business, such as advertising or public relations.
  3. Psychology context: In the psychology context, “agency” refers to an individual’s sense of control over their own actions and the ability to make choices that impact their lives.

In terms of rules of usage, “agency” is typically used as a noun, and can be preceded by an article (such as “the agency” or “an agency”). It can also be modified by adjectives (such as “a government agency” or “a creative agency”). As with any noun, it should agree in number and tense with the surrounding words in a sentence.

Examples of Agency in a sentence

  1. The government agency is responsible for regulating food safety standards.
  2. The advertising agency created a memorable campaign for the new product launch.
  3. She felt a sense of agency in her life after making the decision to start her own business.
  4. The travel agency specializes in luxury vacations to exotic destinations.
  5. The FBI agency was investigating the cyberattack on the company’s database.
  6. The agency representing the actor negotiated a multi-million dollar movie deal.
  7. He signed with a literary agency to help him publish his first novel.
  8. The aid agency provided medical supplies and personnel to the disaster-stricken region.
  9. The news agency released a report detailing the rise in crime rates.
  10. The modeling agency was holding auditions for their next big fashion show.
  11. The government agency launched a public awareness campaign about the dangers of smoking.
  12. The staffing agency found her a temporary job in a warehouse.
  13. The security agency implemented new measures to prevent unauthorized access to the building.
  14. The talent agency signed a contract with a rising young musician.
  15. The adoption agency helped the couple find a child to adopt.

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