Use Age in a Sentence, How to use “Age” in a sentence


Use Age in a sentence. How to use the word Age in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Age. Sentence for Age.

Use Age in a Sentence - How to use "Age" in a sentence


Examples of Age in a sentence

  1. There is not an age limit for the application.
  2. She was an actress from the golden age of cinema.
  3. The biggest risk factors are age and family history.
  4. An editorial company called Donald was established in 1922, which distributed the writings to a growing network of New Age groups.
  5. However, she is also known for her New Age spiritual writings and her teachings on past lives, a higher self and reincarnation.
  6. Hsüan-tsang was born in Honan province, China, and entered Buddhist orders at the age of 13.
  7. When she became pregnant at age 16, she decided to have an abortion.
  8. The space age dawned in the 20th century.
  9. First, seventy million children under the age of twelve do not receive an education because they must work full-time.
  10. My parents divorced and the military school gave me a structure. Many children my age were children of divorced parents.
  11. However, the simple interpretation that the provision of the state service varies proportionally with age can also be misleading.
  12. It had been the golden age of the arquebus and the viola, of sculptors and musicians, of poets and humanists, of fratricidal conflicts and songs of love, of mignon-s and martyrs.
  13. Take a disease of flowering branch to have mutual infectivity, but died of old age the flowering branch is easy to have deterioration of ethylene acceleration.
  14. At age 15, he had enough time to start performing at Yuk Yuks, a famous Toronto comedy club, where he began to perfect his talent.
  15. Hiatus hernia occurs quite frequently, more often in women than in men, and generally in the older age group.
  16. He went to the United States at the age of 16, and earned his Ph. D. at Stanford University in 1902.
  17. Through special dispensation, the age requirement was waived, and Clairaut was elected to the Academie in 1731.
  18. In 1732, at the age of 16, he died of smallpox.

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