Against in a Sentence

Use Against in a sentence. How to use the word Against in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Against.

Definition of Against

Examples of Against in a sentence

*** As a Democratic U.S. senator (1865-1868), he supported President Johnson’s stand against Radical Reconstruction measures.

*** Play an agreed chord against.

*** The aerial bombings have neutralized the threat of artillery attacks against the allied ground forces.

*** This is a good way to stop early air strikes against your Warmaster or artillery.

*** The use of modern weapons has made it difficult to protect civilians against aerial bombardment.

*** The statue commemorates the city’s defense against the Prussians in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.

*** The constant click of the keys and the click of the car slammed against his ears like a freight train.

*** I went to the boss to protest against the new rules.

*** The coat provides permanent protection against heavy rain.

*** Trumpski, a Huntsville accountant and former Republican county chairman, is running against the State Rep.

*** A strong opponent of Maimonides and his rationalistic philosophy, Abba Mari persuaded Solomon ben Adret of Barcelona, one of the greatest rabbinical authorities of his day, to issue a ban in 1305 against secular and philosophical studies by students under the age of 30.

*** Rain splashed against the French windows.

*** Methods Plot a regression curve with the potency of the hepatitis B vaccine as a model against time.

*** The controversy against resentment extends through the writings of Nietzsche.

*** His writings are a long diatribe against ignorance.

*** In particular, they believe that their own writings can create a popular opinion that will vote against this powerful complex.

*** His writings were branded as obscene and blasphemous against God.

*** It is an important protection against non-professional behavior such as obtaining an illegal abortion or the death of a disabled baby.

*** Violence and harassment against providers of abortion services continued to intensify.

*** Several characteristics discriminate against this species from others.

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