Use Affected in a Sentence

Use Affected in a sentence. How to use the word Affected in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Affected.

Definition of Affected

1. influenced or touched by an external factor.

2. Artificial, pretentious and designed to impress.

Examples of Affected in a sentence

*** However, being affected by style after the Six Dynasties, his writings reveal a certain tendency towards formalism in the arts.

*** But the quality will be affected when deposited or treated improperly.

*** The results showed that the gel time of the uncured resin could be greatly affected by the environment, which is much shorter in the air than in an atmosphere.

*** Conifers suffered the most damage, while oak and silver birch were also severely affected.

*** Affected children inevitably attract more than their fair share of parental care, which can cause problems with unaffected siblings.

*** In growing pigs, lipogenesis (fat formation) is affected when the important enzyme, Acetyl CoA carboxylase can not be formed.

*** Our resorts, in the quieter bays of the Bodrum Peninsula, are little affected by recent events.

*** In the mid-1400s, the Hungarian kingdom was affected by Ottoman expansion, as much of the country now known as Bosnia and Herzegovina fell to the Turks.

*** The gradual decline of the latter adversely affected the congregation.

*** The house adjoining the hill was not affected in the storm.

*** The agreement envisaged would allow a limited resumption of commercial whaling within the 200-mile coastal zones of the affected countries.

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