Use Advisable in a Sentence – How to use “Advisable” in a sentence


Use Advisable in a sentence. How to use the word Advisable in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Advisable. Sentence for Advisable.

Use Advisable in a Sentence - How to use "Advisable" in a sentence


Examples of Advisable in a sentence

  1. While resting, it is advisable for her to lie on her abdomen for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time.
  2. Moreover, the relations of alliance in which Astyages stood to the princely houses of Lydia and Babylonia made it advisable to deal carefully with Astyages and his kindred.
  3. It is more probable that Shalmanesar found it advisable to make a change in the vassal king at Babylon, and that after his accession he placed Elul├Žus (Illuhillu) there as a vassal.
  4. Hence the princes of Cyprus might consider it advisable to pay homage to the king, unless perhaps they sought in him a point of support against Tyre.
  5. This material made it necessary here, as in Babylonia, to make the walls stout, which was also advisable owing to the summer heat.
  6. After the destruction of Assyria it would have been much more advisable for Babylon that Media, whose power surpassed that of Babylonia, should be engaged elsewhere.
  7. Was it not advisable to create for the new kingdom of Babylon an empire which should form an adequate counterpoise to the power of the Medes?
  8. The convocation of clergy, in deliberating upon the answer which they were to make to the Czar, deemed it advisable to proceed with great caution.
  9. Then some time usually elapses before a breach is made, and the garrison is sufficiently weakened to render an assault advisable.
  10. Lord Kitchener, in the presence of the British Minister, replied that, “as to some partial demobilization, it was for Greece to decide according to her interests, but he did not think a general demobilization advisable.”
  11. This blow, to tell the truth, was not very serious, but I found it advisable to give myself up for a time to regrets and solitude, and I established myself at Z.


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