Use Advertising in a Sentence

Use Advertising in a sentence. How to use the word Advertising in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Advertising.

Definition of Advertising

Examples of Advertising in a sentence

*** That advertising campaign was an absolute master blow.

*** The company tried to cancel the unwanted advertising.

*** Be responsible for tax advertising; to manage tax receipts and certificates.

*** Misleading and false advertising is used as a valid means of unfair competition on the part of illegal operators.

*** Ford did not accept any responsibility for misleading advertising.

*** All advertising and promotional literature will be written to avoid cheating in any way.

*** Cross-linking websites and advertising affiliate programs can also help.

*** Bruce Barton; (1886-1967), American advertising executive and writer.

*** In 1912 he became assistant sales manager for the publishers P.F. Collier and Son in New York City, and it was for this firm that he wrote his first advertising copy.

*** BBDO (as the firm was familiarly known) quickly became one of the most influential advertising agencies in the world, and much credit for its growth goes to Barton.

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