Use Advanced in a Sentence, How to use “Advanced” in a sentence


Use Advanced in a sentence. How to use the word Advanced in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Advanced. Sentence for Advanced.

Use Advanced in a Sentence - How to use "Advanced" in a sentence


Examples of Advanced in a sentence

  1. Barbarian Chemical Co. is the most advanced company in the world for calcium carbonate acetylene butanediol as a material production facility.
  2. Robert Boyle in his Origin of Forms and Qualities According to the Corpuscular Philosophy (1666) advanced a view that avoided taking a stand upon the disputed issues.
  3. This course is a prerequisite for more advanced studies.
  4. This attitude is an integral part of the disease and the more advanced the disease is, the more convincing it can be.
  5. Advanced configuration of selected video acceleration.
  6. One type of medium-caliber pistols applies the regularity of the automatic short recoil mechanism of the pistol, and they use an advanced technique to achieve a high fire cycle, high precision and light weight.
  7. As they advanced, they caught 100,000 enemies on the Cherbourg peninsula.
  8. Bruce advanced at low speed and drove at a frightening speed, keeping the front wheels astride the crack as he continued his zigzag course.
  9. He designed an advanced computer system that he kept hidden in his attic.
  10. The elegant full-screen device is praised by tech blogs for its seemingly innovative features: the most advanced facial recognition software, which will act as phone security instead of passwords, and allow users to become animated emojis.
  11. A boy came in with angry looks, and, with his hat in his hands bruised and dusty, advanced to the master’s desk, and complained that one of his companions had thrown down his hat upon the floor, and had almost spoiled it.
  12. Leading forward one or two minds from step to step in an advanced study is certainly far inferior in real dignity and importance to opening all the stores of written knowledge to fifty or a hundred.
  13. If the school is one more advanced in respect to the age and studies of the pupils, the teacher should, in the same manner, before he forms his plans, consider well what are the great objects which he has to accomplish.


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