Use Administer in a Sentence, How to use “Administer” in a sentence


Use Administer in a sentence. How to use the word Administer in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Administer.

Use Administer in a Sentence - How to use "Administer" in a sentence


Examples of Administer in a sentence

  1. One of these is the state system, in which a bureaucracy is empowered to make, administer, and enforce rules and to defend or aggress against outsiders.
  2. Administer medications to residents as ordered and under the direction of the attending physician.
  3. Sacred College of Cardinals, the body of churchmen in the Roman Catholic Church who elect the pope and administer the offices of the Roman Curia. They are named by the pope and must be bishops.
  4. The courts administer the law.
  5. Accurately and safely prepare, administer and document the oral and/or topical medications ordered for a resident.
  6. Donald will administer the oath.
  7. The syringe is the instrument most commonly used to administer insulin.
  8. Permission to Administer Non-Prescription Medication.
  9. Administer medications in accordance with established nursing standards, policies, procedures and practices of this facility, and requirements of the state.
  10. Trump’s disqualification was a simple case to administer.
  11. During that time, three lawyers were, allegedly, illegally granted powers to administer the estate.
  12. Others administer substances by intradermal injections and record the size of the skin tissue.
  13. And the state agencies that administer the funds are running out of money.
  14. While these local authorities developed in form, other agencies were created to administer special functions.
  15. A defibrillator can analyze the heart rate of a victim of cardiac arrest and administer an electric shock.
  16. Ideally, according to the researchers, an effective tranquilizer would be easy to administer and adaptable for use in a variety of ways, fast acting but short-lived and reversible.
  17. You must know the pressure points to administer shiatsu.
  18. In addition, the law established the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to administer its provisions, punish unfair labor practices and determine which union should represent workers.
  19. Could we administer a satin as an agent that slows the progression of a stenotic aortic valve?
  20. The delay was the result of a change in the way we administer the grants.

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